Carrot Fries 🥕🍟

These are a great #healthyswap for fries or sweet potato fries and are easily made in the air fryer! We love these on #burgernight with @chosenfoods keto Mayo which is based on MCT Oil and @primalkitchenfoods primal ketchup 🥫

To make these, all you need is:
An air fryer- I used a Phillips basket air fryer
Carrot sticks (we like the pre-cut sticks from Whole Foods) 🥕
Avocado oil @chosenfoods 🥑
@maldonsalt flaked sea salt, pepper and curry 🧂

To make, simply toss the carrot sticks in the spices and avocado oil and preheat the airfryer to 390 degrees! I typically leave them in for 20 minutes but depending on the thickness of the carrots the time may need to be modified! Simply check a few times and toss the fries around so that they cook evenly!

Raw seasoned carrot sticks, this time with flaked sea salt and curry powder 🧂

They are done when they are soft and a bit browned and crispy on the outside 😋

Finished when they are soft and a bit brown 😋

Make sure to enjoy them with a large serving of healthy fat like the Mayo, homemade dips or guacamole 🥑🙌🏻

We love to enjoy them with primal kitchen ketchup and chosen foods keto Mayo (MCT oil based) or homemade guacamole 🍟

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