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Super Yummy Lasagna

Healthy Lasagna? Yes Please 😍😇

We had to do some playing around because my mom and I can’t have dairy so the one on the left is a dairy free option while the others use @alexandrefamilyfarm milk and cream as well as @lewisroadusa butter

To go #grainfree and #glutenfree we opted for @cappellos lasagna sheets but those could easily be exchanged for zucchini or heart of palm slices. I don’t tolerate almond very well so I would be substituting those 🍝 (although I did sneak some of my moms lasagna in…so good #shhh)

All lasagnas contained the basic beef Bolognese/Ragu recipe using @uswellnessmeats ground beef and @raoshomemade marinara sauce:
We sautéed the ground beef with onions and garlic (the beef could be substituted for pork,chicken, veggies, etc). Next we add the marinara sauce, and let it simmer. If you want to enhance the flavor you can also add in some diced up carrots or celery but this is optional and we didn’t do that this time. Make sure to cook the sauce on low for an hour. If you like oregano you can also add that (it has some hidden health benefits too😉).

My dads lasagna also had a white sauce:
This is a low carb, grain free version of a Béchamel sauce and was a bit trickier to make clean. We used heavy whipping cream with the traditional seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic and the secret super star ingredient…freshly ground nutmeg!!! Let the sauce simmer but make sure it does not separate. To make it even tastier we added some grassfed butter and raw cheese 🧀🙌🏻

Instead of the white sauce my mom used condensed almond milk from @bluemountainorganics (swirled on top) and that tasted very good as well, we just didn’t have the traditional burnt cheese effect 🥺

Lastly, assemble the lasagnas to your liking, my dad got some shredded cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and get ready to feast 🥰😋 (no leftovers here)

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