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Beef and Pork Mince with Riced Broccoli 😋🥦

1) fry ground beef and ground pork (we used 2 pounds of beef 1 pound pork) on medium heat 🐷🐮 you can also use lamb 🐑
2) add 1/2 diced onion and a large red bell pepper, also diced. More to taste. If you would like to add garlic 🌶🧄🧅
3) Season with salt pepper and paprika to taste, also add a couple of bay leaves
4) Let simmer until veggies are soft. Some liquid will develop
5) add tomato sauce to taste or alternatively tomato paste 🍅
6) Reduce until you like the consistency of the sauce
7) I added basil from @farehousefarms but you can also add crushed pepper flashes for a kick

Alternatively, enjoy with capellos grain free noodles, rice cauliflower or other vegetables 😍🤩

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